Warwick University Nursery and Café pavilion wins RIBA Award

MJP’s University of Warwick nursery and café pavilion has received an award from the Royal Institute of British Architects as part of it’s Small Budget Big Impact project.

The choice of location of the nursery was praised, both for its “views of the lake and surrounding landscape”, and because the positioning of the nursery at the meeting point of well-used footpaths “enliven[s] the campus.” The design of building was commended for its “flexible internal arrangement”, which allows the nursery to expand into the café space when needed.

Designed by MJP Architects for 80 children on the Warwick University’s campus, the nursery and café pavilion succeeds in maximising the beauty of its setting, with full height windows providing views of the surrounding open landscape, its lake and wildlife.

MJP worked closely with the client to achieve her vision for a building that would offer children high-quality spaces with good natural light and ventilation, and easy, direct access to the external play areas.
The bright and spacious ‘home base’ areas are designed to easily sub-divide into smaller play zones, while a central ‘street’ provides a shared focus.

The flexible internal arrangement of the building allows the nursery to expand into the café for activities such as an after school club, while the café can be used independently for private parties.

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