Waterloo East Railway Station London SE1 Project info

Waterloo East Railway Station

London SE1

This glass and steel enclosure is an interchange with British Rail Waterloo East main line station, accessed from the viaduct platforms through refurbished brick arches. Escalators descend from this ticket hall to the Intermediate Concourse.

The curved, enveloping shape of Waterloo East ticket hall complements and almost exhibits the existing railway architecture. As an additional commission, we were asked to extend the interchange with Waterloo station by designing new structures to be built on and around the existing Waterloo East main-line platforms.

This entailed re-designing Waterloo East ticket hall to incorporate platform canopies and new stairs to the high level platforms, as well as new canopies to three other main line platforms, also with associated covered staircases.

The project involved extensive consultation with RailTrack, JLE, the London Borough of Lambeth Planning Authority, local interest groups and the Church Commissioners. The project was carried out in a ‘live’ operational environment.