Student/Mixed-use Riga, Latvia Project info


Riga, Latvia

The site is located in the Riga City Historic Centre, ideally located to serve the city’s numerous Higher Education institutions.

It is a key development in the regeneration of this part of the city and will provide new community facilities, a mixed-use ground floor and over 600 study bedrooms using a variety of room types. A key part of the proposal is the creation of a new public plaza located along an existing pedestrian thoroughfare running through the site – truly integrating the proposal into the city.

This new ‘student plaza’ is designed to be a vibrant and active public space used throughout the year by locals and students alike. It contrasts with the more intimate and introspective inner courtyard – a cloistered private court provided for the residents only. The reception acts as a ‘porters lodge’ controlling access into this inner world from which all residences are accessed.

MJP Architects’ entry to our open competition was the unanimous choice of all seven members of the judging panel. We look forward to working with MJP, drawing on their considerable experience, to bring a new standard of student housing to Riga, Latvia

Jason Allen, Chairman SIA Spire Baltic. 

The quality of the internal circulation is important to the overall experience of the residences and as such the stairs are located on the external elevations so that they can be attractive and well naturally lit spaces – they also offer the opportunity for chance meetings and provide activity along the elevations.

We have provided a hierarchy to the elevations. The primary elevations are concerned with the key public frontages. They engage with the street and community and are designed to be lively and welcoming with inherent movement, changing in appearance as you move around them. They are contemporary but draw inspiration from the city’s spectacular Art Deco buildings through their use of formality and playfulness. Courtyard elevations are more formal, relating to the more tranquil environment within.