Residential Masterplan Norwich Project info

Residential Masterplan


This masterplan for a 30ha suburban site in Norwich evolved in reaction to the local council’s illustrative masterplan which had been given Outline Planning Consent. Although the council’s plan encompassed many positive urban design principles, we felt it did not exploit the ecological or environmental opportunities of the site, or go far enough in promoting placemaking and regional identity as key elements of successful suburban design.

Our proposed masterplan instead exhibits a clear and legible network hierarchy of streets and routes, following established desire lines and accommodating existing topographical and landscape features. Crucially, the quantum of recreational public open space envisaged was re-organised into two broad linear green parks which follow existing contours, take best advantage of aspect and prospect, and provide a multitude of recreational and ecological uses, including:

  • Managed children’s play
  • Cycle paths
  • Sustainable drainage systems
  • Wildlife habitat
  • CO2 absorption through significant tree planting.

Another key tenet of our plan was the minimising of adoptable roadways by creative approaches to car parking courts.