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Kellogg College Proposals

Kellogg College, Oxford

New College buildings in North Oxford
MJP were invited to participate in a competition to design new buildings for Kellogg College. The College specialises in life-long learning for full- and part-time graduate students.

They own a group of detached Victorian houses in a Conservation Area in North Oxford. Some have frontages on Banbury Road, the others on Bradmore Road. They have walled gardens backing onto each other.

Opposing objectives
The project had to preserve and enhance the private walled gardens, characteristic of the Conservation Area, but also create a distinct identity and memorable image for the College.

Genesis of the design
The genesis of our proposal was the concept of doubling up the garden wall, running between the ends of the gardens, and forming new buildings between the two walls.

The ‘double wall’ contains a building over which, and within which, the gardens continue. It contains the new shared College facilities; a lecture theatre, library, dining and reception area.

Site layout
This landscaped building divides the private residential accommodation proposed for the Bradmore Road houses and the more public teaching and research facilities proposed for the houses on Banbury Road

The concept has a number of special characteristics:
•  It has minimum impact on the existing garden environment.
•  The protective mass of structure, soil, planting and paving will stabilise the building’s internal environment, protecting it from solar gain in summer and providing insulation in winter.
•  It creates another world at the centre of the site and a new entrance on Banbury Road.

Integration with the gardens
The college is discovered as a sequence of spaces between the existing gardens. The shared facilities are linked by an ambulatory around the entrance court. This is an important social space for the College community and for conference delegates. It has formality and appropriate scale.