Daily Group Cultural Centre Guangzhou, China Project info

Daily Group Cultural Centre

Guangzhou, China

This was an international architecture design competition which we were invited to take part in, in 2011.

The Vision

The vision is to create:

  • a building which will be a 21st century landmark for the Guangzhou Daily News and belongs in the heart of the City
  • buildings which provide a stimulating working environment, are enjoyable to use and spatially exciting
  • an efficient and flexible development which is easy to understand and use
  • a highly sustainable building whose design responds to its urban environment and interacts with its landscape

The Concept

The heart of the composition is the newspaper offices, held aloft between the other buildings, like a pearl held in an oyster shell, visible from all angles. There are five distinct parts to the development, which need to be able

to operate autonomously as well as holistically (in association with each other). The design gives clear identities to each, very legible in the composition, but draws them all together around an open court. The newspaper offices, with the museum and conference centre, have graceful curving geometry, which merges naturally with the landscape and has a dynamic relationship with the complementary rectilinear forms of the other buildings. These, in turn, respond to the surrounding townscape and road edges.

Building Organisation

The building organisation is simple; The newspaper facilities are on the north side, fully visible from the river and the Central Business District, taking full advantage of this prime location.

The lettable offices and serviced apartments for the Guangzhou Daily Group are on the south side of the site, together with the supporting facilities between them. By virtue of their greater size they will still be visible from the river, but it will be the newspaper facilities which have greatest prominence and establish the image of the site.

The newspaper offices extend back to intersect with the lettable offices and the supporting facilities. This gives the flexibility to expand into lettable office space, or vice versa, and to link with the supporting facilities.

The Guangzhou Daily News museum surrounds the entrance to the newspaper offices, with its exhibition halls alongside.

The museum for other exhibitions is adjacent, with its own entrance, and it can connect to the newspaper museum, if desired.

The conference centre has its own entrance, to cater for the large number of delegates, and enabling it to be used either by the newspaper or let out to other users. It can connect to either the newspaper museum or the external museum, if exhibitions are organised in conjunction with conferences.