Elsley Road Clapham, London SW11 Project info

Elsley Road

Clapham, London SW11

Planning Permission for this Crest Nicholson development was obtained in March 2012.

The site is adjacent to a number of listed buildings and bounds the Shaftesbury Park Estate Conservation Area in Clapham, South London.

The development provides 42 new dwellings – a mixture of 4-Bed terraced houses, 2&3-Bed duplexes and 1&2-Bed apartments.  In keeping with the 19th century terraces of the conservation area, accommodation is split into three separate blocks: one running parallel with the existing terraces on Elsley Road; one set perpendicular to Elsley Road; and one positioned at the south eastern corner of the site.

A number of different options were developed to maximise the site capacity, whilst retaining the desired amenity space for the dwellings.  The external appearance was the result of an iterative design process with Crest Nicholson.

  • Client
    Crest Nicholson
  • Completion
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Photos: Aerial perspective image by Outer Space Landscape