Ballymun Masterplan Dublin, Republic of Ireland Project info

Ballymun Masterplan

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

This is a development framework for the Main Street in the north Dublin suburb of Ballymun.

The aim of the masterplan was to ‘grow’ Ballymun from a 1960’s dormitory estate of high-rise social housing into a real town with new mixed tenure of homes, offices, shops, leisure and local government facilities for 30,000 people, with Main Street at its heart.

Our design involved changing the 1960’s dual carriageway and cul de sacs into a major, tree-lined thoroughfare. New roads will link this boulevard to each of Ballymun’s neighbourhoods, where new parks and local centres will help give each community an identity.

The development framework includes a new civic centre, arts centre and leisure centre. The symbolic demolition of the first tower allowed the new civic square to be laid out.

The client team has delivered over 700 new homes and attracted major inward investment to Ballymun. Greater job opportunities, better transport links and new homes are all making Ballymun a good place to live. The team has also promoted ‘Breaking Ground’, an internationally known public art programme involving many artists and crafts people in Ballymun.

The Main Principle

  • Masterplan based on quality design
  • Vibrant Town Centre with a variety of commercial activity
  • Flagship projects of regional or national significance with large local employment content
  • Quality Homes with good social mix
  • Economic development with sustainable local employment opportunities
  • Identifiable neighbourhoods with relevant community facilities
  • Well defined parks with appropriate recreational facilities
  • Effective local administration with community based local estate management
  • Client
    Ballymun Regeneration Limited
  • Awards
    Irish Planning Institute Planning Achievement Award, 1999
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