77-95 Victoria Street Westminster, London SW1 Project info

77-95 Victoria Street

Westminster, London SW1

This commission was to design an office and retail development to replace a 19th century building in a central London conservation area.

Our modern scheme integrates itself with the site’s urban context. It does this by sustaining the existing building line and scale of the surrounding urban block. The building mirrors the structural grid of the adjacent building and draws inspiration from the local architectural style, which combines horizontal courses of stone with load-bearing brickwork and uses terracotta and corbelled bay windows. It creates a new public courtyard at ground level, accessible from the street via a double-height opening.

The building contains 7,000sqm of high-quality, highly flexible office accommodation, 1100sqm of retail space and an art gallery on the lower ground floor. The seven-storey, mixed-use scheme, which has gained planning permission and conservation area consent, is currently on hold.

  • Client
    City & West End
  • Completion
    Planning Permission Granted
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