Nuttall Review of Employee ownership published

‘Sharing Success’ the review of Employee Ownership conducted by MJP Trustee Graeme Nuttall was published on the 4th July.

The Nuttall Review looks at the obstacles to the further uptake of employee ownership in the UK and highlights three key barriers which it suggests are a lack of awareness, lack of resources and concerns about how complex it is to set up this kind of business. The review makes a total of 28 recommendations that would help to overcome these barriers. The Government will publish a formal response to the Nuttall Review this Autumn.

The Nuttall Review was launched at a special Employee Ownership summit at which the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg delivered a speech ‘Responding to Nuttall – the next steps’.
In his speech Nick Clegg responded immediately to 3 of Graeme Nuttall’s recommendations by : approving the setting up of an Institute for Employee Ownership; backing off the shelf Employee Ownership Start Up toolkits; and agreeing to a consultation into the statutory right to request employee ownership.
The ‘Employee Ownership Sharing Success’ banners at the summit featured a photo of the staff at MJP Architects.


MJP Architects have been owned by an Employee Benefit Trust since October 2007. Graeme Nuttall advised the practice on Employee Ownership and subsequently became an MJP Trustee.
In January 2008, Graeme and MJP managing director Jeremy Estop contributed to an article in The Guardian about Employee Ownership.