MJP’s Warwick University Student Union on Architects’ Journal Buildings Library

MJP’s University of Warwick Student Union has just been added to the Architects’ Journal Buildings Library – the digital database that showcases exemplar architectural projects. AJBL is a charged for service but comes free as part of a subscription to the Architects’ Journal.

MJP’s strategy for the new Student Union at the University of Warwick was to create a series of spaces of diverse scale and character to host the required uses including a multi- purpose space, atrium, pub and music club. The existing building has been opened up to create impressive 2- and 3- storey high spaces and open internal vistas and views out.

New design was generated from the most striking features of the existing building: the arrangement of interiors based on the triangular module and the triangular concrete coffer slabs. The new cafe extention is the most pronounced example of this approach. It’s interiors are based on the triangular plan and floating roof’s shiny underside provide a striking backdrop to the Students’ Union plaza.

The new Student union has been very well received by the University, the students and the staff alike.

Warwick University Student Union on AJBL
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