Kendrew Quadrangle, St John's College, Oxford

MJP student housing wins sustainability award

MJP Architects’ Kendrew Quadrangle at St John’s College Oxford has won the David Steel Sustainable Buildings Award for a large non-residential development.
The award aims to recognise leading sustainable building developments in Oxford and is named in memory of David Steel’s contribution to Oxford City Council and the Climate Change Action Team. Developments are assessed on the level and quality of the environmentally friendly solutions incorporated.

A major aim of MJP’s Kendrew Quadrangle project was to incorporate the latest thinking on sustainability into the build from materials selection to energy and water conservation.

Key elements of the environmental strategy were :

  • Orienting the building to face the south and insulating it at more than twice the level required by building regulations to cut down energy demand.
  • Using geothermal energy to heat the building in winter and cool it in summer.
  • Using solar energy to power the ground source heat pump and to provide heat for hot water.
  • Installing a biomass boiler to burn sustainably sourced woodchips for the remaining heating needs.
  • Low energy lighting and controls.
  • Heat recovery ventilation.

MJP are currently working on a number of Multi-Residential buildings which target BREEAM 2011 Excellent and Outstanding. Kendrew Quadrangle achieved a NRIA (Natural Resource Impact Assessment) rating of 11 out of a possible maximum of 12, which is the highest ever rating achieved to date.