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Phoenix : Architecture/Art/Regeneration [Phoenix Initiative Coventry]

Phoenix : Architecture/Art/Eegeneration – by Richard MacCormac et al.

Black Dog Publishing, October 2004

The Phoenix Initiative is a collaboration between archaeologists, artists, architects, urban designers and lighting designers, which seeks to create a physical and cultural foundation for the wider regeneration of the whole of Coventry.

Phoenix Architecture/Art/Regeneration records a unique experiment in urban regeneration in Coventry. Taking a rundown and forgotten area of the city, it creates a series of new and contrasting public spaces that form a new route from Basil Spence’s Cathedral to a new Garden of International Friendship. The garden, and many other aspects of the scheme, celebrate Coventry’s association with the international movement for Peace and Reconciliation, following the city’s devastating destruction in the Blitz during the Second World War.

Includes essays by Hugh Pearman, Louise Campbell, Richard Cork, Sarah Cork.


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