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MJP Innovative Housing

MJP’s success in housing is based on our skill in designing beautiful homes and well-planned communities.
We have put together a booklet of our more recent commissions, showcasing our approach to:

  • Co-Living & Intermediate Housing.
  • Modern Methods of Construction.
  • Build to Rent.
  • Sustainability & Research.
  • Serviced Accommodation.
  • Feasibility and Capacity studies
  • Student Housing.

Download PDF: MJP Innovative Housing

Efficient land use and sustainable development are big issues which MJP have embraced and pushed forward, through both our published research and our built projects which achieve higher densities whilst maintaining design quality.
Throughout our designs, our focus is on the crucial issues: clear distinction between public and private domains, views and daylight, flexibility and practicality, accessibility and security, maintainability and value for money.
Affordability is a key issue in many cities, and there is high demand for purpose-built rented accommodation. MJP have led the way in this market with several schemes for young working people.