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MJP Conservation and Re-use

MJP Architects have a reputation for producing inspirational designs for the extension and adaptation of existing buildings, both historic and modern. Through sensitive design, we have established good working relationships with Heritage England and conservation officers.

Download PDF: MJP Conservation and Re-use

Projects involving the conservation and re-use of buildings tend to have three primary concerns;

  • repair and conservation, to extend the life of the original building fabric.
  • improvement, to upgrade the technical performance of the building and its components.
  • Adaptation and extension to facilitate new uses and requirements.

MJP’s commitment to the project was exemplary, as was their attention to the smallest detail of
the design. They constantly strived to achieve the highest quality within the budget available, and
the end result is a seamless blend of the historic and the unashamedly modern.

Peter Goodship, Chief Executive, Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust

The priorities differ from project to project. Some are listed buildings where careful repair and conservation are paramount, some are buildings from the recent past where new interventions are required to facilitate flexibilty and re-use. Extensions and additions to buildings of any age require intimate understanding of the original architecture and deft design to allow new and old to live happily together.