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“Data. Data. Data. I must have data” [Steam Bridge University of Birmingham]

Stainless Steel World News, March 2012

MJP’s Steam Bridge for the University of Birmingham was published in Stainless Steel World News March 2012.

MJP were commissioned to design an architecturally elegant 60m bridge to carry services as part of the University of Birmingham’s Combined Heat & Power network and sustainable energy strategy. After in-depth technical research into the cladding material and discussions with the British Stainless Steel Association about the appropriate specification of surface finish a curved 2k vertical finished, lasercut, Grade 316 stainless steel was chosen as the most practical and attractive solution.

Because of the bridge’s location over a busy railway and canal the durability of the steel surface was very important as the cladding has a 60 year design life with little or no opportunity for maintenance or cleaning. The surface characteristics of the selected finish needed to be effective in reducing the risk of build-up of atmospheric pollutants on a “dirty” site with aggressive ferrous brake dust and diesel exhaust.